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Monday, April 26, 2010

we call it nonsexual completely involuntary quivering

Today, I made it. "Just for today." I said it many times. I hope the 12-stepers don't mind me using their language. It was hard. A chocolate covered donut suddenly seemed really good and necessary starting around 3pm. But I made it (minus the hot sauce which I realized was a violation after I poured it). And I thought about fruit. That's nothing I do in my normal mind. I concentrated on the natural sweetness in things-- fruit, honey nut chex, honey gold chicken wings-- maybe there's a little cheating in there but it's so much better than I've been doing.

I am grateful for getting to talk to Luna yesterday, getting to journal about something I needed to get off of my chest yesterday and having that something be gone, for ppl that took the time to peek in on this silly blog of mine, for friends that care, for yoga. I am grateful for the yoga mat (and tonight, Yo). I am grateful for the 14 ppl that still live where I work.

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