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Monday, April 26, 2010

sleepy, sleepy

I'm doing the sleepy things that would normally make me stop consuming caffeine but the thing is, I'm already off of caffeine (I've discovered that a build up of caffeine in my system makes it really hard for me to wake up in the morning). Perhaps it's the sugar? That's the thing I've been "sneaking" the most as I struggle to resume the anti-inflammatory diet. My alarm has been going off since 6am. At 7am, I finally got up AND I even propped myself up during my battle with the alarm in hopes of being semi-upright helping me to wake up. No. I stayed like that a while but eventually sunk back down to lay flat. Yesterday, I gave in to my fatigue and decided to take a 90 minute nap. I have no memory of hearing my cell phone alarm go off but am sure it did as my phone was propped next to me when I finally woke up 3.5 hours later. My cell phone goes off for a hour before it finally gives up on you. The inability to wake up makes it hard to function in life,so does being drop dead tired. Can this motivate me to stick to the diet? Today, I'll try to remember that I eat more than I need to survive.

When I started this diet, I consumed caffeine despite it being on the list of things to avoid. I reasoned I had already removed it and only had the benefit of being able to wake up easier in the morning. Eventually, I decided to ban it because what if the sugar I consumed while not having caffeine blocked the effects of abstaining from caffeine (i.e., perhaps caffeine and sugar both contributed to my fatigue). I'm back to that thought. No more chocolate, no more peeps. Yea for fruit strips and clif sticks. I can do this. I did it during Lent. Why can't I get it together now that thousands of people I don't know are done abstaining from things in the name of the Lord? I can do this.

Another possibility is I'm still paying for the decreased sleep quality I had Wed and Thur of last week. Whatever it is, I'm dog on tired.

Now to shower and get ready for work....

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  1. I put the alarm clock and phone VERY FAR AWAY! not in arms reach, not in crawling reach, far away, sometimes if i am really tired when i got to bed i actually throw the phone somewhere so i have no clue where it is going to be, having an annoying husband who would probably put my lateness on number one things to change about me helps too. maybe after not ironing his clothes- neither of these things will prob ever change.