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Sunday, October 21, 2012

5 days left

Friday, I relocate. To a smaller house 2 blocks away from a repeat rapist according to the sex offenders website. 1 mile from a university. 1/2 mile from a hospital. next door to an elementary school. Right next to a field of kudzu. I hope this move is a good one. It's definitely $300 less per month compared to where I am now. As long as Tomika is there, another $300 cheaper still. I know why I'm moving; I hope it goes well.

Today is Sunday. Here's the current state of my house:

Some food is packed; much of it is not. 
 I've been eating to thin out the cupboards :). 
I've gone through piles and piles of paper to avoid going through crap on the other side of the move. Here are the piles untouched remaining:

 My living room. Bookshelves (2) mostly bear.
 Both bathrooms look something like this:
 My closet. 

Not many options remain for what I will wear this week.

And most rooms have stacks like this. Boxes for days. 
Packing has refocused my attention on a goal I made at the beginning of the year to get rid of 150 things. I'm over 75% there and mostly from the packing. As much as I dislike packing, I do appreciate how it helps to focus on what I need, want, and ignore. It always inspires me to do something in the coming season to have less and perhaps avoid such an arduous journey next time. For 2013, I will give away, throw away, or recycle at least 60 items. I hope to make that an annual focus.

Thanks so much to the "Packing genie" that has helped me get so much of this done. We worked for over 5 hours yesterday. Now all rooms have bout everything I can pack before "the last minute" packed. And I have an aching back. The cost of lowering costs.

Seize the day!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

10 days left.... :S

If interested, you can see more on my packing progress at  Check out my goal on getting rid of items and on packing.

Friday, October 12, 2012


Channel 7 News:

Police Charge Liquor Store Robbery Suspect

JACKSON, Tenn. – A Jackson man has been charged in connection with the robbery of a liqor store, Thursday.

According to Jackson police, Tyler Hayes Mills, 21, faces two counts of aggravated robbery, a charge of felon in possession of a firearm and evading arrest. He is accused of robbing Ridgecrest Cellars just after 5:00 p.m. Thursday.

After the robbery, police believe Mills ran from the store into a wooded area on Malone Road. After he briefly came out of the wood line, officers quickly arrived and set up a perimeter. A police dog and helicopter were called in to help with the search.

After searching for over two hours, officers arrested Mills, 21, in a wooded area off North Royal Street near Henderson Road. Officers reported finding the the stolen money, cell phone and gun.

Investigators learned that Mills has felony convictions for aggravated burglary and theft in Henderson County and aggravated burglary in Chester County.

Mills is scheduled to be formally arraigned Monday at 8 a.m. in Jackson City Court.
I read this and felt blessed. I read it and thought, "THAT STORE WAS ROBBED RIGHT AFTER I WALKED OUT!" Then I realized it was robbed the day after I was there. So incredibly close even with that 24 hour difference. The tiniest choices separate my first thought from reality. My Wednesday experience fed amazement and gratitude concerning the Thursday incident. That store was booming when I went. There weren't 12 us in there at once but someone was leaving when I pulled up, someone came in while I was there, someone pulled up as I walked out. That kind of busy. Constant. Apparently, people go to the liquor store after work. But this young buck, wow. I've seen nothing about anyone being hurt. I don't know if that means that things lined up just so that no customers were present during the event, or if it was simply done without gun fire. Whatever the details, I'm grateful and look squarely at the grace that shielded me, the employees at Ridgecrest Cellars, and perhaps other customers trying to unwind from a day of hard work.

SN: I'm trying to create a yummy mai thai recipe. suggestions? My first two attempts were too sweet for my opinion.I hope to find the napkin where I wrote down the ingredients given by a bartender..

Friday, October 5, 2012

22 days and counting

We have found our new/next home. We plan to have a big move day on October 27th and have just begun searching for movers. I'm mostly down with using UHAUL but hesitant because of the upstairs and needing to carry things up. Tomika leans not UHAUL because it'd be less work on our part. Our new place is also a 3 bedroom, though smaller than the current. Hardwood floor throughout. Sadly, the washer/dryer is outside in its own room instead of inside the house somewhere. There's a bit of fear in leaving my current landlord but I'm going with a big real estate company so hopefully things will be okay. I was honored when my landlord called to see if there was anything he could do to keep me-- lower my rent $200-$300? Yeah, I didn't think so. So again, I look to new beginning. Time will tell what the future holds.