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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

dishwasher scratches

More and more, I pull out chipped or scratched dishes out of my dishwasher. Tonight, I searched for ideas on how to stop this madness!


  1. Tips for Avoiding Scratches

    • 1
      Scrape food off of plates with a plastic spatula instead of a metal one or metal utensils.
    • 2
      See if the protective coating on silverware has come off. If so, the silverware must be replaced to reduce scratches.
    • 3
      Place dinner plates in the dishwasher away from the silverware rack. During the washing cycle, the silverware may be rubbing against the dinnerware and creating scratches.
    • 4
      Put a napkin or rubber lining in between plates when you stack them. It might be a good idea to have two sets: one for the cabinet when they're clean, and one for stacking them dirty by the kitchen sink awaiting wash.

    Removing the Scratches

    • 5
      Make a thick paste with the baking soda and water.
    • 6
      Using the soft cloth, rub the paste in a circular motion on the scratches.
    • 7
      Wash with warm water, and repeat as needed.

Read more: How to Avoid Scratches on Dinner Plates |

So what shall I do?
1. Ease up on the sani-rinse cycle
2. Use a rinse agent
3. Switch back to an eco-dish detergent?
4. Get new silverware
5. Put more space bw plates if needed
 6. Make sure I've knocked off all of the food I can before depositing the dishes into the dishwasher
7. Make sure not to use extra dish detergent

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Nash Vegas

This past weekend, I went with my 3 nieces, 1 nephew, & 1 mom to Nashville for family vacation. It was fun playing tourist to Nashville on Friday. I dated someone that lived there for so long that I never thought of Nashville in that way.  On Friday, we went to Opry Mills mall and Opryland Hotel. Neither were first experiences for me but again, it was the first time I viewed Nashville as a tourist. We had dinner at a restaurant called Rainforest CafĂ©. That was new… and odd in a scary way. I question, who thought it was smart to put a bunch of scary animals and a thunder storm in one way and invite people to come in for dinner?  They take your picture and then try to sale it to you for $10 + they have a gift shop right outside the restaurant. They make money by being a unique looking place to eat. The cuisine is American.  That night, we went to the African-American Festival. It reminded me of Juneteenth in Memphis with slightly better vendors.

On the riverboat ride at Opryland Hotel. 
Inside the Rainforest Cafe
Trio at the A-A Festival sporting the new glasses they all bought

Saturday, we went to Adventure Science Center. I took the kids about 2 years ago and they loved it. It was the reason I suggested Nashville once we realized Pigeon Forge was not going to work for us. The best part of that for me was having  friend Cynthia and her son that’s now 9 come out. I hadn't seen them in 2 years. They spent the entire afternoon with us at the Science Center, then ate dinner with us at Monell’s. That was truly a ridiculous amount of food. Good, but not great. An incredible amount.  I think we all left satisfied.

Sunday, we returned home. They dropped me in Jackson, where I took a brief nap before driving to Memphis to celebrate the twins' 10th birthday. Now, I am back, cozy in bed and ready for sleep.

The gray sky of this trip was the rental van we used. It was the only time I’ve been embarrassed to travel in a rental vehicle. Besides being ugly, missing all knobs from the radio area, and having a broken CD player, the dang thing wouldn’t start on Saturday. Apparently, Vans2Go last changed the battery in 2006. Mom ended up dropping us off at the Science Center and having to spend over 2 hours getting the van serviced. Stay far away from Vans2Go Memphis. They seem like shady characters and their van sucked.

Cheers to my first (immediate) family vacation.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

and the point of it all was art

Lately, life has been incredibly busy:
(1) Work is busy. For the past several weeks, I've been in my office about three days a week and my case load has expanded from 15 to 25 over the summer. There's a lot to do in general. Accomplishing it in 3 days-- eek.
(2) I've been shopping for a car. Turns out it's not an easy thing to do leisurely; thus it became something I did every possible moment for 1.5 weeks. In the end, I bought a Hyandi Sante Fe but 8 days after signing papers and making a down payment, I still don't have my truck. A key feature I wanted was a sunroof. This truck didn't come with one so I'm having it added. The completion date has traveled, a day at a time, from Thursday to Monday.  When I called on Friday to check on the progress, I was told it should be ready on Saturday by 9am.  Saturday, a Hyandi manager looked at me like death had happened and expressed disbelief that no one called to tell me my truck wasn't ready. I practiced assertiveness and got a Sante Fe on loan and the "promise" that my truck will be delivered to me at home or work on Monday. We'll see. They've changed the completion date so much I don't have much faith.
(3) I participated in an art fair.The show was called Art at the Market and was organized by a quasi-friend of mine in Jackson. The entry fee was only $5 and I regained that at the event. I was no where near reclaiming the $400 spent preparing for the event, supplies only. I attempted to utilize PhotoShop (failed), transfer images to wood (poorly done), and made frames from craft sticks and bottle tops (beautiful) in addition to printing fresh images. I also had magnets and bookmarks created whenever I did the last event. I had 2 images blown up to 16x20 and framed, making them appropriate for hanging in a living room or utilizing for some other main wall piece in one's house. I feel I learned some things/made some commitments this time around:
1. Work on art year round. Staying up to midnight/1am, working art 4-6 hours AFTER coming home from a day job isn't for me. I'm proud of myself for pulling it (with the help of a lot of Dollar Tree energy drinks) but I'd like to need it less next time.
2. Art should be part of my monthly budget. I may still end up spending $400-$600 towards a show but it won't hit my account at once. I can slowly add to my supplies.
3. I should buy a hanging rack. It should decrease my fear of someone breaking something and make it easier to display my work compared to trying to represent everything on a couple of tables (I think).
4. I might gain more of my money back per year if I do many events per year. I felt a lot of anxiety about putting out new images because I had the same shots, for the most part, at Art for Hope 2011 & 2010. Today, there was a new audience but I wanted to make sure I had something new to offer in case anyone that has already seen my pieces showed up. Doing more shows allows for more opportunities per year to sell the 6-12 new poses I might opt to put out in addition to the poses from years before.
5. I will take a class on photoshop. I utilized online tutorials and got my sister to do the same but either my software is broken or we are missing something. Mostly, I just want to remove extra people that are in a frame (e.g., the person's hat on the front row of a show).

Today's excitement is that I met Valerie June's mom. She walked up to my table and asked, "Do you know that woman?" I gave my typical spill about who VJ is and she said, "I know. That's my daughter." Small world! She's a painter. I gave her a shot of her daughter. She "earned" a shot of my turtles and said she's going to paint them and send me the image. Cool.

Another contributor of recent business (#4): I'm shopping for a new place to live. Tomika and I are trying to use 1-2 days per week to view housing. Another way to save on cost.

And today (#5), surprise, surprise, my hot water tank burst and drowned my kitchen and living room. Turned out to be a blessing that we left the chairs at home when we went downtown to set up at the art fair. Tomika returned home and discovered the mess. It's a nightmare. My house looks like a natural disaster hit it. I came home while someone watched my booth but Tomika insisted I return to the fair and see what I can sale instead of packing up to help clean. She cleaned up the water and removed things from the soaked areas while I was at the art fair. After posting this blog, I'll spend some time cleaning the living room in an attempt to move things towards normal.

Boy am I sleepy! I've been going like mad for weeks now. I pray that my body (illness) does not catch up with me. Blessed be.