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Sunday, March 28, 2010

regression before

I found a blog I never posted. I think I wrote it on March 14:

I'm back at square one. The joyous part of that is I finally got to use my icyhot stripes to see what I think of them-- they stink, literally. Mentally, I'm back to where I was a few weeks ago-- okay, so say something I've eaten in the past is causing my body pain. I'm not eating it anymore so shouldn't my pain level be going down each day instead of increasing? Umph.

I found yeast free, gluten free, wheat free bread at Kroger. It's hard. I also found Tufutti non-dairy sour cream. We'll see how that goes.

Soon, I will be in bed. My heating pad can't reach the end where I lay. Sad. I think I'll put new heating squares on before I get in the bed. I took an ibuprofen earlier today; it did nothing. It reminded me of why I don't bother to take pain meds many times when I'm hurting.

A new comer to the fibromyalgia group said she can't tie her tennis shoes. In pain though I am, I am truly blessed.

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