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Monday, March 15, 2010

even migraines make pizza seem good

even migraines make pizza seem good
Monday, February 22, 2010

Conversation with self on the way to Target after work:

“ I want a slice of pizza, any pizza will do.”

do dah, do do do dah

“BREAD. I WANT BREAD. Maybe I can go to Whole Foods tomorrow and get some of that gluten-free bread Beth posted about. I hope that bread is yeast free. I'll see if she replied to my facebook comment when I get home.”




“You will not quit this diet after 5 days. You will not.”

* * *

I really want some pizza ya'll. On top of that, I have a migraine so I'm nauseous. The migraine greeted me early this morning. Getting ready for my doctor's appointment, I noticed I had a headache. I took a sinus pill and a Tylenol 500 not being sure the cause of the headache. 8:10am, purse on my shoulder, umbrella in my hand, all ready to leave-- I ran to the bathroom and regurgitated the water and juice consumed earlier that morning. I managed to cook oats and eggs before my appointment but felt too nauseous to eat at the time. I wisely decided to put them on hold and see how I felt after the doctor. I basically pass my apartment on my way to work from his office, so I figured I could spare the extra few minutes passing through would cost. I went to the doctor and let him make a mold of my feet. Yea! Special, custom-made foot insoles are on their way back to me. The process was like having a paper machete of one's foot made. Then I came back and ate my eggs before leaving for work. I wavered between whether or not I should go to work this morning and the yes finally won with the stipulation that I could stop at Walgreens on the way to buy some cooling stripes to put on my forehead. All day, people asked if I had a huge band aid on my forehead; no.

Day 6, I don't feel better. I'm closer to feeling like crap but thankfully not due to the fibromyalgia as far as I'm aware. Today I decided that I probably shouldn't be eating tuna because it is made with vegetable broth which is made with things like tomatoes that I can't have.

Life in the larger scheme of things: I finally took a step to find out how much mail order meds will cost with my new insurance provider. I entered my meds in an online form and have to wait for someone to get back to me. Their system is so odd to me; the previous company had a flat rate: $10 for generics, $20 or $70 for name-brand. Made sense to me.

My pharmacist told me to drink lots of fluid, avoid eye stimulation, and get some rest to get rid of this non-relenting migraine so I guess I'll get on with all of that. Ciao.

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