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Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I'm thankful that FUUN posts their sermons online.
I'm thankful that the Understanding Poverty workshop was so interesting. I'm thankful that I got to see people I like and adore, as well as acquaintances that are pleasant to see, at the training. I'm thankful that the training has brought forth interesting conversation. I'm thankful for sitting by friendly people at the training.
I'm thankful that Mandy's words ring true, even though they aren't likely to change the situation. It's nice to have a theory from which to work.
I'm thankful for Audrey's rubs. They make me like a happy cat.
I'm thankful that my blood sugar keeps going too low. It's annoying and dangerous but if it keeps going, perhaps I can take less medicine.
I'm thankful for plugging back in to the Spiritual.
I'm thankful for my mom taking me to work sometime.
I'm thankful for the activists in the world fighting to help someone get their rights (recognized).
I'm thankful that the courts ruled for Constance.
I'm thankful that more people can have medical coverage, that less people will stay at home deathly ill to avoid a bill.

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