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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

freakin' blood sugar!

Errgggg! I've eaten a bowl of popcorn and a plum apple in the hour since getting home so I can go the gym. I just checked my blood sugar: 123. Errgggg! I'll complain here because I do not know a diabetic alive that will understand my need to complain about eating and not having my blood sugar go up high enough. I've eaten at least 4 carbs. There's no reason to not have the 140 I prefer before performing cardiovascular exercise. The 123 isn't a good representation of my blood sugar because you're supposed to check 2 hours after you eat to determine your blood sugar, not 15 minutes after food enters your mouth. 123 in 2 hours might be 100. I really can't exercise on that. Anyhow, I just finished a diabetic bar. Now I'm often to the gym with best hopes.


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