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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

pill count

pill count
Sunday, March 14, 2010

I'm still at 16 pills per day: 11 in the morning, 3 in the evening, and 2 at bedtime. In July '09, it was 12 in the morning, 3 in the evening, and 1 at night. I've removed some pills from that routine but added others, leaving me at still a really high daily pill count. I stopped taking aspirin, moved Caltrate to bedtime, and switched to the neuva ring instead of a pill so that's minus 3 for the morning. What's been added? Perhaps more KA? (2 in am and evening but if I was already taking 2 in the evening I was probably taking 2 in the am), another Prilosec? Really, I don't know. Darn. I thought I was making progress but no, it's still 16 apparently. What shall I eliminate?

- Maybe I can get down to 1 prilosec per day instead of 2. I guess I'll have to look at a listing of what often causes GERD and compare it to the mental list of what I can currently eat. Maybe one less pill will be a "side-effect" of my fibro diet.
-I want to get rid of a blood pressure pill. I'm probably too young to be taking one per day. I know I'm too old for two. This was something I targeted in July with little, if any, progress. My bottom number was 64. That seems low like progress like maybe I'm moving in the right direction with that goal. Maybe. We'll see.



  1. Are you also tied to a blood pressure machine? I can't really go anywhere for more than an hour or so without mine. It is annoying to have to monitor that consistently and have a pill ready if things are wonky.

  2. I have never any heard of any such thing! My blood pressure was amazing the last time I went to the doctor, like 125-64. It makes me hopeful that I can get rid of a pill in 6-12 months. BUT, 2 months ago it was high after I went 2 days without meds so maybe not.

    How long will you be tied to the machine?

  3. a month to a year...we will see what happens, unless the evil monster grows back, or doesn't die, then I have no idea. I am just kidding. I have no idea. Probably I have to check it daily for ever to make sure the meds are working. EEP!