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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

acupuncture #1

Today, I tried acupuncture thanks to the nifty groupon coupon that came to my inbox a few weeks ago. IT SUCKED! I went in feeling pretty good and hopeful to stop the torture of tendinitis. I left limping. I screamed when I got in my car. Apparently, my back didn't want anything (i.e., the seat) to touch it. It sporadically felt like needles were sticking me in various location; I was amazed by how much effort it took to hit the brakes. Sensibility would tell me to never try acupuncture again. Something else, a deeper reason?, says go back. The practitioner told me up front that she recommends weekly sessions the first 3-4 weeks and then a tapering. $60 a pop, I can't afford that! There's a place around the block from my job that has pay what you can acupuncture that I think I'll try. Maybe. I hurt really bad right now. I can stop eating those foods and feel 80% better. Will acupuncture increase my energy, something that still lags? The practitioner looked at my "really pale" tongue and said I have energy issues (I could have told her that!) and that herbs could really help me but she can't recommend mixing anything with my current med list. I wonder how else my non-fibro medical issues effected today's session. She didn't try to sell me another session when I left today, as she had the two people that left(happy) when I was siting in the waiting room. I *do* wonder what that means.

Currently: I'm eating soy ice cream, licking my wounds, and thinking about bed.

Gratitude: I'm thankful for my privilege that allowed me to spend $35 to try something new (acupuncture). I'm thankful for the Meristem book club (I returned last night). I'm thankful for Cindi's consideration. I'm thankful for having Beth to look to for advice, wisdom, and life's stories. I'm thankful for my dad that likes to have long phone conversations with me. I'm thankful for my sister Shundra who lets me know when she finds new, good food.

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