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Saturday, May 1, 2010

a list of foods

I'm going to take the great and wonderful Audrey's suggestion and compile a list of what I CAN eat. What a way to focus on the can, and even to find it. She suggested it to better facilitate us eating together when that option presents itself, but I like it as a helpmate to meal planning. Through this, I think I'll realize food options that previously went unrecognized.

Things I can eat:
1. eggs
a. omelets
b. fried
c. boiled
d. scrambled
2. gluten free, yeast free waffles
3. grits
4. oats (but I don't like them all that much)
a. a cookie from oats, like oatmeal raisin, made with splenda? I should check
on that.
5. Honey Nut Chex (I discovered them on this diet and they are yum)
6. Nitrate free bacon (Whole Foods)
7. Nitrate free sausage (Whole Foods)
8. Soy cheese
9. Nachos/Tortilla Chips
10. Hamburger with onions, mushrooms, and mustard (no bread)
11. Teriyaki wings
12. Brown rice with mushrooms and zucchini
13. Chicken
a. grilled
b. baked
14. Pickles
15. Hummus (some varieties)
16. Tacos (no cheese or tomatoes)
17. Salad
18. Fish
a. Fried
b. Grilled
c. Baked
d. Catfish
e. Salmon
19. Okra
20. Zucchini
21. Nitrate free bratwurst (Whole Foods)
22. Yeast free, gluten free pizza (crust from Whole Foods)
23. Clif Chewy Sticks
24. Fruit based (no added sugar) chewy sticks of various brands
25. Fruit based, no added sugar fruit roll-up thing
26. Chicken salad
27. Apples
28. Oranges
29. Bananas
30. Ugly Fruit
31. Peaches
32. Plums
33. Pluots
34. Strawberries
35. Grapes
36. Other Fruit
37. Popcorn (butter free or with vegan butter)
38. The Nature Valley peanut butter granola bars
39. Granola
41. Taco Salad
42. Tostados
43. Green beans
44. Sweet peas
45. Corn
a. sweet corn?
b. whole kernal corn
c. corn on the cob
46. Black beans
47. Pinto beans
48. Apple sauce
49. Carrots
50. Raisins
51. Sunflower seeds
52. Lentils
53. Stir fry (typically cauliflower, zucchini, nuts, sometimes chicken, broccoli for me)
54. broccoli
55. peanuts
56. pistachios
57. veggie pancakes (purchased; not yet tried)
58. tempah
59. grain-free banana nut muffin (found in The Allergy Self-Help Book; not yet tried)
60. Traditional Swiss Muesli (found in The Allergy Self-Help Book; not yet tried)
61. Wheat-Free Tortillas (found in The Allergy Self-Help Book; not yet tried)
a. chicken wraps
b. bean burritos
62. Chick peas (Thanks, K)
a. falafel with hummus

Can you think of other things I can eat that I might actually consume? My guidelines are here. Think about no dairy, no white flour, not processed, and not super sugary. I was hoping to list 100 things but can't. Perhaps that's why I'm so hungry so often :/.


  1. avocados, chickpeas, agave nectar is a fantastic sweetener (i use it to make vegan cookies) and you don't have to use much of it!

    i don't find that "nightshade" plants really affect me too much, but I will pay more attention. ( how i love peppers)

  2. What have you found DOES affect you?

    I don't know what to do with avocados, or really chickpeas. I make falafel but can't eat it with pita. I guess I can have falafel and hummus and be happy. I'll add it to the list. I'll have to look up avocado.

  3. Well, I've never done an elimination diet (oh brave, ambitious you!). Alcohol, coffee/caffeine, process foods are pretty obvious because I'm more aware of when I consume them.

    I'll send you some of my favorite recipes for chickpeas! I'll eat an avocado as is, but you can also use them to make chocolate pudding. Black bean & avocado tortillas are awfully tasty, too. Maybe you can try them with your wheat free tortillas.

  4. Poke, poke, K. Here's your reminder to send me those chick pea recipes.