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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

fightening tendonitis

It is true that I save articles and links in my blogs so I can find the information later. Today's task is to learn how to stop being plagued by tendinitis.

I'm amazed by the extent to which the things I figure are contributing to my tendinitis are being sited in some form by people at the sites I'm visiting trying to figure out how I can make things better. Better posture for Amy, eh?

I'm also shocked by how much is out there on the dangers of using laptops, particularly the stories of people landing on disability because of it.

Page after page agrees, it's easier to prevent this bad stuff from happening than it is to treat it once its here. I'll trust that mine hasn't advanced far enough to do me in. I had it less than 2 months ago but it went away. It's bad worse than last time. I've adjusted my chair to make my arms parallel to the floor. That's a start, eh? Happy safe typing to you.

P.S. Tomorrow is garden day 3 at work. Onward we go!

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