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Thursday, May 6, 2010

surely some muscular naked women are in pain too?

Today, I talked to a woman I've been drooling over at the gym. Her body-- wow. Muscular. I was near her so I decided to ask her how to use the machine she had just gotten off. Later, she showed me how to do a calf exercise on the machine I was using and she waiting to use. I think it can help me with a terribly bothersome fibro symptom- the inability to walk more than a flight of stairs without doubling over in pain (often 1/2 flight). I'm not sure where to strike the balance between weight and repetition to make this so. I think I'll do 3 reps on it before increasing the weight, whereas I do 2 reps on everything else-- well 4 & 3 (1 for muscle mass, 2 for endurance is my current trend). This lady said she works out 6 days a week, 5 of them weights, 1 hour at a time. The rest is diet-- lots of fish, chicken, and vegetables. That seems reasonable. I don't feel so far behind her. I was lifting within 10-25lbs of her on the two leg weight machines. Looking at her and looking at me, I was surprised we were that closely aligned. I do yoga 2 days a week and really want to build up to 2 gym trips a week-- 4 days vs 6. Okay. There's a lot of variation between us but it was still great talking to her. I wish I could input her picture. You think muscular women memphis will get it? haha.

One of the first hits I got with that search is quite interesting- muscular women porn. Granted, I saw "hard on" as I clicked their link (i have a bad habit of clicking links without reading full descriptions) but I thought it'd be like that nude yoga site I saw years ago. It was well-formed yoga poses. I didn't find it vile at all. This newer site, well, it's intentions are clear.... I didn't know there was such a thing as that kind of porn. I guess there's a naked version of everything, huh?

Anyhow, the gym zonked me again. It felt good. I'm trying mucinex to see if it can calm down the "joint mucus" and give me a pain-free sleep tonight. My next action, however, is to get off my arse and put forth the 15 minutes of spot cleaning I'm supposed to do each day. The weekend is when the grand hashing out happens. Namaste.

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