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Sunday, May 16, 2010

down with whites

This morning, I woke up in such discomfort that I wanted to throw in the rag on eating white flour, sugar, etc. More than pain, it causes stiffness, achy stiffness. My armpit hurts? Well, it's the part that connects the arm to the body. Also, my ankles, toes, knee joint, thigh, sometimes my funny bone-- basically, it's not been a fun experience (but it's been darm yummy). It's time to decide what things I want to eat before I resume my lifestyle without white flour and white sugar, to commence no later than Saturday (after the left over pizza is gone). By then, I want:
1. Chick-Fila mini-biscuits- what a yummy, fun breakfast
2. The chicken garlic sandwich from Al-Rayan, because it's important to support local businesses
3. Hummus and pita- 1) Local buying, 2) Best hummus in Memphis
4. Pizza because I love it, duh. I think I'll go with Memphis Pizza Cafe, though there's a local place near my place that I want to try
4. Jasmine's. OMG. I can't believe I've been free for white pasta but not eaten at Jasmine's. JASMINE'S.
5. IHOP's. I love their omelett. It comes with pancakes. Nitrates are going to be in the mix but I might still stop by. Or not.
6. Biscuits. I love biscuits. I plan to cook one final big breakfast before the Monday of white stuff free hits.
7. Cookies. I don't know from where but it must be so.
8. Donuts. I love donuts. Yum.

This experience has affirmed this process. Until now, I haven't felt a significant difference (consistently) by eating things from the forbidden food groups. This one has tested positive again and again, removing all doubts I had about if any group independently would show significant results. Before, the pain and stiffness were hitting 3s on the 10 point scale, noticeable but not unbearable. Well, time tells a stronger story. I'll probably stuff as much of the remaining items down my throat as fast as I can because I'm deeply ready to end this phase of the experiment. But, I do like to say goodbye. In the future, I can have a chick-fila sandwich on occasion but I do understand that bread is not to be a beloved part of my life. Ciao my dear white friends.

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