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Sunday, May 2, 2010

amy the non-athlete

I really enjoy playing baseball. Playing Friday made me think that perhaps I should buy some equipment and find some folks to meet me at the park once a month for a friendly game. Maybe I should find someone in between games to help me learn to catch with a glove. lol. But the pain-- it's 2 days later and I'm waking up with a 9/10 kind of pain. I tried to make it to the light switch but gave up because it hurt too much. That's the problem with taking a pain pill right now as well. But I have to get up. Floridia is preaching this morning and I promised I'd attend. Right now, I have to love her more than myself. If not for her, I'd probably stumble to the bathroom and soak. OUCH. The funny thing is, I don't regret playing baseball the other day. I just wish my body didn't betray me every time I do something truly physical.


  1. one thing that seems to help me is if I know I'm going to be doing a hardcore workout I will do some low impact or extra yoga time the day before. Or even a few hours before. Sometimes it seems to help.

    I miss playing tennis. I'm looking forward to swimming soon, though.

  2. Thanks for that tip. Can you climb stairs? That's been kicking my tail for 2 years now.

  3. Oh man, my knees are constantly hurting me. Stairs suck. I stay awake at nights from knee pain. In nashville I was thrilled that I could avoid them (our apartment was ground level) but, now I have them in my house and it is almost always painful.

  4. My knees have been hurting more since I've been eating gluten and white flour. Perhaps it'll help you to remove them- your own food experiment. Except stairs just suck. I would have a list of things to do before I changed floors in your house. I'd just stay put :/