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Sunday, May 9, 2010


I am extremely nauseous for the second time in two days. I used to be nauseous all of the time, but this feeling is different from the norm. I felt it last night. It distracted me from doing anything in particular. I had a hard time concentrating because I felt like crap. I started to feel that it had to get out, though I didn't know from which end it'd escape. I walked hovered over a garbage can to the restroom and vomited in the toilet. I felt better for a few minutes after that but returned to a state of strong nausea. What I had eaten? At the wedding, I had tuna, 3 crackers, chocolate cake, tortilla chips, brittle, a pickle spear, and maybe one more thing + lots of water. I had 1/5 sweet pickle once I got home. Oh. I started sweating yesterday before I vomited, much like I just began to sweat now. Today, I had a small fry from McDonalds and a mocha. Like yesterday, there was a break between eating and feeling sick. I don't see a relationship between what I consumed and feeling sick. I'm tracking it so that if it continues and I need to discuss my symptoms with my doctor, I'll remember the details.

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