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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Right now, I'm supposed to be giggling with old roommates in GA

but I'm not because there's too much going on at work. Given that shift in details, I should be in bed

but I'm not because I stayed at work until 11pm to create an organized binder with the things needed for Monday's audit.

I feel like I had an opportunity to show a more efficient me with this binder situation but I didn't. Instead, working on it has resulted in long days and a desk that looks like it's been hit with a hurricane and has easily a dozen items on it that I can't find right now, like certain books. Yes, entire books. Paperback.

Part of why I stayed so late today is because I wasted a bunch of time gathering documents that my boss told me I need but I don't really need. I found that out today after I had gathered all of those documents. I could have left at 11pm but been done, at least, if I had known that (haHa!). She told me to include a copy of our quarterly report. What she meant was, include the first 3 pages but don't worry about the subsequent 75 pages. Oh for that detail! But it's done now. Some things.

Today, I also found out that I have something like $3700 unspent last year.

I'm not even gonna go there.

Art show preparation is moving slowly but not at a stand still. I'm really looking forward to getting it all together next week after the audit is done.

I hope that goes well.

Today, I pulled something off the printer and thought it said, "god hates you". Do you think it means he hates me? Before, I saw "what are you waiting for" in something that didn't say that and thought perhaps it was God talking to me about coming out. Same communication principle, different things communicated-- maybe. Maybe it's just a sign of my spiritual insanity.

ah, well, i'll stop the rambling now and actually go to bed.

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