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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Look at my basil.

I had basically given up on my garden. Nothing was growing, though nothing was dying. Today, I went out and a leaf on the cucumber plant had totally withered up, like overnight. wtf? And, it rained yesterday morning. I'm not a good gardner. It could be because my soil says not for container gardens but I didn't see that until long after my garden was underway. I went with what the professional gardner I was with thought was important; I didn't read the back of the bag while I was with her. * sigh * There could be so many causes as to why I do not have food, only seasonings that came to me ready to eat. But alas! There is new life on this one new basil plant. I didn't know basil grew flowers.

Item 2- I bought a frame to display "Memphis Music" in the art show. Below are some bad photos of it.


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