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Thursday, July 15, 2010

more options

One of my ideas for the art show is to display 3 pictures of local musicians and call it memphis music. A variation of that same idea is just to frame a photo or 3 of sj tucker and let her represent my performance work. Below are potential shots of valerie june that I can use:

valerie june 1

valerie june 2

memphis music, valerie june option 3

olga 1

olga 2

olga 3

here's one of my beloved SJ Tucker. It's the only one I can find electronically and I actually swiped this one from facebook.

below is one I took many years ago that was well-liked at that time. I honestly don't know that it'd be the best choice for a lgbt & ally art show though.


uh, since i don't know how to fix this crazy alignment whatnot, here's my uncle and sj tucker again:

and last, my scream, my handsome chris

I'm gonna post a poll so you can tell me which 3 YOU think I should for the show. Thanks in advance. And still feel free to leave comments elaborating on your thoughts or whatnot.

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