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Monday, April 30, 2012

unexpected food reaction

Headache. Nauseous. Not feeling like doing anything.

It came directly after dinner. Catfish fried in corn mill (with pepper, salt, onion powder, garlic powder).... ooh, I used seasoning salt instead of plain salt. Could that be the trigger?

I don't know WHAT it is but I know that it is. In addition to the headache and nausea, there's an unpleasant sensation in my mouth that I've had before but never been able to determine why. It's where the gums meet the teeth on the inside of the mouth. It feels similar to being stuck right there but that's far from an accurate description.

Corn is an obvious possible trigger. It may have been a mistake to go on this Mexican spree I'm on. Catfish beginning today-- more corn-- and planning to finish the week with nachos-- corn again.

Perhaps these reactions without intentional testing will eventually make sense to me if I faithfully record them. Tag!? Mystery reaction. lol.

SN: My house stinks, like fish. It was my first time frying catfish. It came out pretty well.

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