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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Carlton Pearson Documentary

I think the documentary is called "Is Hell Real?" I call it "The story of how and why the church kicked Carlton Pearson out"


  1. Thanks Amy for this post. What an incredible story. I confess I didn't watch the videos, but went in search of who this man is and what he had to say. His past associations and mine intersect. As I have maintained GREAT distance from the fundamental right religious movement, I was uninformed of his voice/ideas. We (the uber religious)spent a lot of time shouting, praying, arguing, eating, fasting, studying away our feelings that were considered unacceptable. Here was a voice crying in the wilderness. I hope at least one from relief from the burden of the church.

  2. "Watched"? I hit play, turned up the volume, and worked in the kitchen :)

    I knew that he lost a lot of church members when he declared that God loves homosexuals too. I didn't know he went so far as to proclaim that God's love is so great that everyone will go to heaven.

    I understand how his "friends" disagreed with his new beliefs. I don't understand how they all abandoned him oh so quickly! Kind of like he was gay :S

  3. Check out my piece on Kate's talk. She ends the presentation with a "Get Out of Hell Free" card. Transcending binary thinking means looking beyond heaven or hell.

  4. I don't see a post about Kate's talk....?