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Thursday, May 3, 2012

diagnose me!

My symptoms:
*Frequent headaches accompanied by nausea for almost 2 weeks now. Symptoms come and go. Often appears after eating.
*Tonight, I ate a small bag of popcorn then the symptoms came. Now, eating things makes me seriously want o vomit, not just simple nausea-- I'm not gagging but I can't continue to eat. I can eat pickles. Drinking chicken broth seemed good for about 5 swallows.

I'm sick of having this happen so often


  1. Ha! Ha! Ha! I always want to diagnose you. And here, you asked for it. No easy answers, just a hard-assed process. Go raw. There are lots of choices to enjoy. Do the research, today. Eat well, today. Let go of all that processed food, all dairy, corn, wheat, sugar. Add in raw nuts and seeds. Drink plain clean water. Enjoy salads with a bit raw apple cider vinegar and citrus juice. Yep! This is radical, but there will be no questions about whether it's the food in the end. Play organic and you will really sort out what works. If you need a snack, check out Think Raw Bars. I even learned how to make them. Read the ingredients, you can too. Go Raw!! (Disclaimer: This is not an endorsement for the raw movement; merely a suggestion based on personal experience of the writer.Rawh!)