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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Week 1: Partial Allergen Elimination Diet

I have now completed 1 week of trying to detox from things that make my body hurt. Yea!!! But I feel no difference. This does not surprise me, because I think that's how it's always been, but it does disappointment me.

I've done a fair job of complying with the technical requirements of the diet this go-round: no dairy, no nightshade plants, no yeast, no gluten, and & no nitrates. I've done a much worse job of implementing the common-sense aspects of it: less pickles, little sugar. This weekend, I've begun thinking about other things that can't be healthy to a detox, such as coffee (as I enjoy my morning cup now). I have made no special efforts with raw food this week and raw is good to detox. I did order milk thistle and a detox tea, both begun on Friday evening.

Thursday night is $1 night at our minor league baseball stadium. $1 entry, hot dogs, popcorn, beer, and sodas (tiny cups). Small Town Progressives went. It was my largest turn out yet-- 4--lol. Monica & Susan finally met and Susan adores Monica. I adore them both. The 4th person was a newbie and male. My favorite thing about the Red Birds Stadium in Memphis is the food. Yum, yum! I wanted to know if Pringles Park measured up so I had to (chose to) deviate from the diet to compare, but I enforced limits and resisted a lot of yummy and strongly suggested things during our evening. I went in with the agreement that I would try the hot dog and polish sausage (gluten, yeast, & nitrates), so those are all of the forbidden items I had that night. And soda, maybe aspartame now that I think about it. They were both yummy but I can't wait to go back to get some nachos and that delicious looking ice cream everyone was going on about. This was major deviation 2.

Major deviation 1 was Tuesday at the Bakker's Rack. The Bakker's Rack has delicious blackened catfish, served with salad, so I can absolutely eat there. But my *love* there is the poppy seed chicken. It appears as their daily special once every other week (recent knowledge) and was the special the first time I ate there back in early fall (or longer). I have NEVER seen it there again since that first time. Sometimes I call and hope; I always check when I go in. Never. Until it was off limits. I ordered it. I ate it. If anything, I wish I had requested a double serving, no sides. Gluten and dairy from what my table and I gleaned.

But at home-- no blatant rule breaks, minus 1/2 gluten-free beer before the baseball game to help me not have beer there. I started the week with a plan in mind of what I could eat and managed to get by. Lunch is always the most difficult. I bought catfish Friday then later realized I don't know if that place cooks using corn mill (okay) or that fish fry, which contains gluten. So there's definitely been potential for mistakes of which I'm not aware but I'm sure that always happens.

Week 2: Slated to stay in the control phase. I'm thinking of adding a 18 hour fast to it-- a period of not adding junk for my body to wade through to empty out the bad. I am slightly frightened that the corn, soy, sugar, pickles (acid), or something else in my diet will prevent me from feeling that drop of pain that I desire and need in order to test a specific category. But I press forward. I will tell the difference because I'm taking in less. Yes. Today, I am making artichoke chicken and trying to hit up Cindi to find out how she made that simple artichoke we once shared. I think I just microwave it.... Today, I will juice more vegetables and see how that goes. Today, I will plan my week's menu. Again, I can do this.

Blessed be.

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