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Sunday, April 15, 2012

new commitment

Tomorrow, allergen elimination begins. But it won't be as extreme. No dairy, no nightshade plants as I know they increase my pain. No gluten, no yeast, no nitrates; these are my categories to test. I look forward to the day when I test something and my body does not wig out. I've eaten hoards of things I will not be able to eat these past few days and I feel the effects.

My plan, this time, is to work the control stage for 2 weeks. I will pick up something to help with this detoxing phase, perhaps some milk thistle. I understand that raw and more fiber help detox. Week 3- test 1 category. Week 4- test the other. Week 5- it's over.

Today, I spent a good deal of time cooking for the week. I made a dozen waffles, flax seed added. 4 apple cinnamon muffins with flax seeds. 2 egg scrambles. pizza. I'm covered for breakfast this week. Monday's lunch will be my super yummy pizza-- is it the pesto or almond cheese that made it so good? Rice with zucchini and mushrooms is another option for the week. Possibly leftovers. Lunch will be the most challenging. For eating out, I can eat at Abby's, salad (but salad dressing?!), beef patties, grilled chicken, Stevo's Wings (teriyaki chicken) .... maybe there will be more to come.

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