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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

sick days art

Last week, I had the nastiest annual migraine yet. By the end, my chest felt like it was dealing with the used to be annual bronchitis I got while in graduate school. Migraines are horrible enough without body aches to accompany them but there it was. When not sleeping, I struggled with boredom as there wasn't much that I could do that didn't make me feel worse. So, I started my wall of inspiration. It's been my vision since the beginning of being in this house, probably, but the initial bricks are only now being laid. While restrained to one spot, I made the following:

My new hero, Regan, is on here. So it Awesome Minnie that participates in marathons even though she has fibromyalgia. Who says we can't thrive?

It's amazing how much porn comes up when using search terms that might produce healthy, fit, in shape, athletic, strong, EXERCISING women. Is that what we are to the world? Flesh to drool over? Strength existing mainly to fulfill a sexual desire?

Also on the wall is my mom and a yogi that's apparently not featured in this picture. It strikes me how much I gravitated towards photos of yoga while working on this project and how my soul craves to get inked with a yoga image but I'm not currently practicing on the mat. And I think that's good for me. I'm focused on something else for my health and need gazelle intensity this time around. My effort will be split too much if I intentionally practice yoga right now. What might happen is I'll lightened up on my swimming inclinations and spend a day on yoga each week once it gets cold. What's true is that I stretch after I walk and yoga always comes forth at that time. It's not 45 minutes of practice, but it can be 5. Yoga is life.

My fibromyalgia counter-attack continues. M,W, R is when I exercise to preserve my life. My conversation with Dr. Rodger Murphree deserves its own entry but the short is my Jackson doctor and I are trying some of the things he recommends on our own before I decide/act on accepting (or not) the $3200 6-month program he thinks will help me feel so much better than I do. So, I've spent the day spitting in tubes so my adrenal levels can be tested. My doctor took blood to determine how well my thyroid is functioning. And I'm eating up good food so I can go back on the allergy testing diet and try to figure out my triggers. This time, however, I'll be "on" (i.e., eating possible trigger foods) for only 3-5 days and looking for a number of symptoms besides pain to identify the triggers.

May you today take a step towards your Highest Self and feel loved in that new position of the awesome.

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