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Monday, August 15, 2011

day 1

Day 1 probably went better than I expected, though not all that well. At work, I found that gobstoppers were above my desk. I thought, "I should eat these so they aren't here to tempt me later." By day's end, I realized there were many, many gobstoppers and that Friday might not even be the end of them. That's a big box, ya know?

So maybe I should leave them alone unless there's a really bad craving. Should I bring them home and put them in a corner? Should I hide them somewhere in my office? Also at work, I ate 2 plums, a pear, and a small box of raisins. Healthy. I wouldn't have done that if chips were on the list of options. Add ranch subflour seeds-- they contain milk. I'm hoping it's because of the ranch flavor and that regular sunflower seeds (shell included) are on the approved list. I had 2 frozen meals in the work freezer as of this morning so I ate one. It's not approved by the diet but I don't have room for them at home and can't leave them at work indefinitely. At home, I had popcorn with cheddar topping because I wanted it. So failures include nitrates, dairy, sugar, corn, and nightshade plants. That leaves at least 3 categories I did successfully avoid (yeast, gluten, and soy). Other goods include not hunting down cookies; I wanted them by name. I had a serious sweet tooth just after dinner; that's when I had popcorn instead. Webmd doesn't forbid corn, only Dr. Murphree. Although I objectively deserve a C for the day, I'm damn proud for the way I made it through day 1.

Part 2 of counter attack: exercise. The treadmill tried to kick my ass tonight. Pain attacked me perhaps worse than any other time I've exercised in this counter-attack round. I was limping on the treadmill tonight. I shortened my workout by 10 minutes but refused to sit down just because it hurt like hell. Pain was radiating from the areas around my knee. I'm not even sure I know WHAT was hurting so. My feet fell asleep while I was walking, first the right, then both. It felt like something had pooled around my ankles. It was an uncomfortable experience to say the least. It made me question my ability to increase my speed .1-.2 next week.

At the YMCA, they have a wall where they show how people did with the goal of walking 60 miles or so during a certain period of time. I want to track me walking 70 miles. Yesterday, I hit 1.97. Tonight, it was 1.39. I have a ways to go :).

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