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Saturday, August 27, 2011

a medical update, apparently

Friday, I went to the doctor. She's proud of me. I'm indifferent to that. I don't feel well. I'm holding on to the allergy-elimination diet by a thin thread.Tomorrow, I'm going to introduce dairy, even though my pain isn't totally gone. Tuesday or so, I was pain free. By Thursday, pelvis pain had kicked back in. If dairy is a trigger, it should probably intensify the pelvic and definitely set off other signals of "an allergy". I decided to bring it in just a few moments ago. It's my next step at trying to hold on to the diet. Dr. Murphree said you can bring dairy in after 2 weeks of being in the control phase. I'm going to obey. Adding dairy will be me progressing through the steps and not just willing myself not to eat that. Half an hour ago, I was singing, "I have food, Hallelujah, I have food...." I imagine myself to be similar to someone in a starving nation or a homeless American that doesn't eat at soup kitchens or have a viable income. "What will I eat next?" is often on my mind. That's probably not healthy and is probably why Dr. Murphree advices that ppl not perform the allergy elimination diet before doing the steps of his jump start program that will give them better sleep. I guess I'm hard-headed. I thought I was stronger than he thinks I am. When we spoke on the phone, he told me he thinks I'm barely holding on, though I might not yet realize it. Well, I realize it now, Dr. Murphree. And?

I went to Maple Leaf Health Food store after my doctor's appointment to pick up my new "meds". Dr. Murphree recommends starting with 50 mg of 5-HTP but she only had it in 100mg. Add to that, Dr. Murphree seems to be the only person that thinks it's okay to take it and Cymbalta at the same time. Both increase serotonin levels and too much serotonin is a bit dangerous. My doctor forbade me from discontinuing Cymbalta but wrote a prescription for a lower dose. Maybe it + the tiny level of HTP will be okay and maybe even increase my sleep? I do hate that Dr. Creech isn't familiar with even the popular herbal remedies/drugs so she can't offer much of an opinion on whether or not I take something. Well, she did recommend that I basically add nothing so I can clearly tell what's a result of the diet. I've started taking an adrenal supplement, vitamin B complex, and vitamin C to hopefully improve my adrenal health. I also agreed to exercise at least 15 minutes most days- increasing my practice around 45 minutes per week. There doesn't seem to be much room for lifestyle change for adrenal health in my opinion. Sleep? I do that. I'm making a conscious effort to be headed to sleep by 10pm to ensure that I get 9 hours of sleep each night. Before, I'd go to bed between 10 & 11pm. Naps? No time. I guess I can strive to take at least 1 nap per weekend, but I don't know how effective that one nap will be. I get home around 5pm and go to bed at 10. Taking a nap during that block of time during the week just seems silly. Moderate exercise? Check. 3 days per week. As previously noted, I'm increasing that a tiny bit. High protein? Of course! I like meat, not vegetables, and this allergy elimination diet has taken away most anything else I would eat, which leads me to less carbs-- possible, but not at this moment. It's something I'll have to be aware of once I've tested each group on the elimination diet. I don't think I'm going to have much bread in my future though. Then there's the vitamin additions. I've been taking B complex and C for a week now. I just picked up the adrenal supplement on Friday. Wouldn't it be nice to feel a difference in only 2 weeks? The lady at Maple Leaf told me she felt better after a year of treatment and great 3 years later. Great. I'm barely hanging on to my 12 month commitment to kick fibromyalgia's ass. 3 years down the road? whatever. I'll almost be at the point where I can apply for SSDI. A bright note: Maple Leaf apparently sells my favorite foods to buy from Whole Foods. Yea! I don't have to drive so far for pizza crust now.

The doctor noted that I've lost weight. I figure it's because I'm always hunting for food (I can't literally say that I'm starving. I'm not and I'm grateful for that. In my mind, however, I'm going to starve because there are so few food options.). The doctor is proud of me for trying focused and bold things (my words, not hers) to feel better. I do appreciate that, I guess. I just don't feel the self- pride. I feel sleepy and "hungry".

On sleep, I was zonked by 6pm probably 4 days this week and gone by 8 the remaining days. boo.

I'm not sure that this post was going to be all about my health when I started typing it but that definitely seems to be what it is. That's an interesting thing about blogs and blogging to me. They take on a life of their own (if you let them).


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