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Monday, August 29, 2011

dairy testing, days 1 & 2

This allergy elimination diet is driving me MAD. I spontaneously decided to reintroduce dairy into my diet, after being in the control phase for 2 weeks, on Saturday. Today is day 2 of dairy. I had a Swiss & Mushroom Angus (no bread) for lunch. Delicious. But I really wanted a side of fries with that. Also ice cream (sugar!), a milkshake, and PIZZA. I thought I could make pizza today but got home with toppings only to discover that I have no crust. DANG! The big question is: how does dairy affect me? Answer: I don't know.

Yesterday, I had a 3-cheese grilled cheese on yeast-free, gluten-free bread. Half-way through, it tasted sour to me. While it was good, it was delicious. Breakfast occurred without much pain, I think.

Dinner turned out to be dairy free, but positive for gluten and corn. Go figure! Mom and I went to Houston's. "Grilled chicken salad" has been my idea for diet-safe restaurant eating. Bonus! I can even have the cheese. Well, no. It was fancy looking. Salad dressing apparently contains gluten. And they included corn. I ate about 1/2 to 1/3 of that, then it was nasty. I started to wonder if I've lost my ability to eat and enjoy food. Ummm. Just after dinner, I had a brief headache. Sometime yesterday, I had that "this area of my skin burns or hurts for no reason" thing. Actually, I think it was on the way to Memphis, so a few hours after breakfast. Ummm. The details of yesterday are fuzzy. Hence, the importance of prompt recording, i.e., me blogging tonight so I don't forget it all.

I didn't sleep well and felt lots of pain over night. Of course, I may have also been sleeping and imagining the pain. I did become fascinated with something on the back of my leg. My thought was, "something bit me. Is it still in the bed?" The spot never grew though so who knows what caused it. I don't have a hand mirror so I can't even see how the spot looks. I remember lower back pain, of course pelvis pain, tight shoulders....

Today, I drank a bottle of TN milk (purchased from Whole Foods) for breakfast. That's 2 dairy servings. I felt fine. Then there was that bathroom trip. uhhh, honest blogging.....

For lunch, I ate a Swiss and Mushroom Angus Burger from McDonalds with an orange and iced mocha. It was delicious. Then I was sleepy. Then I woke up. Brief fatigue.

Dinner: gluten free pasta with cheese and nitrate-free bacon. Yum. I'm happy and full. And have a sore throat. Interesting. Also, acid reflux. And now the sleepies come.

Is this how a positive feels? Elevated pain is not really occurring. I mean, there's that skin pain around my right knee but I imagined GIANT, CONTINUOUS PAIN when I thought I might identify some triggers. hum. And stabbing pains on my left thigh, to join my right leg and also both sides of the lower back-- or my obliques? Maybe I'm just a hypochondriac. lol. Left shoulder stabbing pain.


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