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Saturday, February 5, 2011

homeless in Jackson?

Today was trip 3 to Jackson to search for housing. Now that I have a move date and no where to go, I feel like I'm homeless in Jackson. What a way to connect with my clientele. haha.

Finding places to view was more difficult this time than in the past. I searched because they get info from the Jackson Sun. I checked the Jackson Sun itself, craigslist, and connected with property management company Town and Country. They're the ones that had several listings in the community I like and were managing the house that I love, love. In the end, I had 2 appointments: 11 and 12.

My 11 o'clock called and said he couldn't meet me but his dad would show me the house. The house was fine, minus looking it belonged to an old woman (which it does). 3 bedrooms, all a decent size. Living room with gas fireplace, something like 3 outside storage sheds & a 2-car garage. Laundry room. Driving to the house made it look like the house is in the country, country. When you go out the other way, you're down the street from the city. Bird feeds out the wa-zoo and a bird bath. Enclosed porch. I do prefer this house to cherry grove apartments because of size.

My noon appointment stood me up and hasn't called to explain herself. wtf? And from a huge property mgmt company? surprising. Mom and I drove by one of the houses I was supposed to view and it definitely would have given house 1 a run for its money. I hope I don't have to go back a 4th time to look for something....

House 1 has a deposit on it from someone that probably won't be able to move in due to things beyond control. But he might. He's supposed to tell the landlord one way or the other on Monday. Holding my breath.....

My original packing goal was 3 hours a week in the midst of my hectic schedule. Thursday, it occurred to me that it makes more sense to divide my house by room instead of thinking of a hour commitment since i have no idea how long it will take to pack but it will surely be more than 20 hours (3 for 3 weeks, 10 when off). Thus, my goal suddenly became to pack up my living room and dining room by tomorrow. haha. I've made them messy as f_ck; packed is a different story.

I'm trying. There's so damn much to do. i still need to get my car fixed from when it was hit last month. I need to work extra hours so I can leave there with order. I want to get a gift for my employees, possibly customized. And then there'll be social commitments and expectations. Citizen K is visiting next weekend for vagina monologues. That thrills me. Also, I'm having lunch with a lady that says she got rid of her fibromyalgia. I'm hosting it as a Memphis Chronic Pain Sisters event. The Stone wants a get together before I leave. I want to take out the women that wrote my references to get the job. Bellydancing on Tuesdays, Yoga on Wednesdays, Salsa on Thursdays needs to start. Stuff, stuff, stuff. I think I have one vacation day earned. I need to take it.

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