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Thursday, February 24, 2011

the day before

the morning before the move

top shot- dining room; left: living room; left: kitchen- food on the move; right: the unruly bedroom

I worked my tail off today. I woke up at 7:30, an hour earlier than on previous days this week. I took care of needed phone calls and e-mails before I started packing, but still spent a good 11 hours packing + breaks. Short breaks. My mom helped for about 9 hours. blah. So, so tired. And to think that I put in about 25 hour of packing BEFORE today. I think I might be inspired to get rid of some more stuff.

that evening:

above: the bedroom. It was the last room touched, the one with the least effort put into it.

left: my living room with many packed boxes but hopefully enough path room for furniture to be taken out.

below: the dining room

I am oh so tired. There are still things I should do-- pack a basket of refreshments for our Jackson arrival, pack some toiletries so I can spend the night there, move the give away box out of the aisle and check to make sure nothing else is on or blocking furniture that needs to go. But it will wait. Sleep and I must meet. Namaste.

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