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Sunday, May 22, 2016

RID 54

This weekend, I met my individual goal of spending 4 hours cleaning, organizing, and discarding. The results weren’t as fabulous as my shedding of last week but progress continues to be made.
45. Folk Alliance CD
46. Round baking pan
47. Loaf baking pan
48. More trash
      This included things that just didn’t need to stay, such as photographs taken out of focus and               forms no longer needed. I also came across things to shread.
49. 2 magazines
50. Thank you cards I never sent after my dad's funeral (sorry!)
51. Black telephone
52. White telephone
      Both phones were perfectly fine for answering but no good for dialing out as certain numbers did       not work on them. We came across another phone, which we believe works minus the ID box, so         I plugged it in as a replacement. Fingers crossed that it works once charged.
52.  When Good Robots Go Bad CD 
53 & 54.  I stuck Black Eyes Peas (The End) and KOS (Exit) CDs on the stack to burn to my computer, then move on. 

I feel like a bit more was discarded than listed but maybe not. Averaging 10 items per week wouldn't be bad ;). Most of these items were removed from my den. It has more floor space in one area in particular but all in all doesn't look any better. My coffee table is covered in something; it baffles my brain. I've been working from the west side of the room and completed the block of space I was working in. I told my wife I think we should consider working on pictures instead of putting them last because we literally have 7 boxes of "pictures" in the den. Until they are cleared, the den will not be complete. I began working on an end table this weekend, which seemed to inspire her to work on the other end table. Keeping tables uncluttered is a daily challenge in my life. All-in-all, I think I'm pleased with what's been accomplished recently. I just wish I'd get to "the end" faster :).

I've been listening to CDs to determine what to keep, what to rip, and what to just past own. One that I am absolutely keeping is Doria Roberts. Enjoy!

Growing Pains

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