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Sunday, May 15, 2016

RID 44

Yesterday, my wife and I attempted to unite to clean up some things around the house. Going in, I wasn't sure how much would be accomplished because although the goal was 4-6 hours of work, we had 3 different rooms of focus and scheduling 6 hours doesn't mean we'll stick to it. But, I was hopeful some progress would be made and some items would be marked for moving on.

What went out?
1. Trash, multiple bags
2. Star-shaped candle holder with candle
3. Green, square plate with matching saucers
4. White plates (2)
5. White plate with gold trimming
6. 7 foot long green rug. It's a lovely rug but the wife says green is not our color theme :). I gave it away in a local free group.
7.  Janet Jackson Runaway CD
8. Eliza Carthy CD
9. Lesser of Two CD
10. Tropical Oasis CD
11. Randy Roos PrimalVision CD
12. Pink pedometer
13 Lids
14. Large pots
15. Cookie pan
16. Greeting cards. Not all of them but I parted with a few from around 2012, including one that sings except the batteries were bad ☺
17. A book on conscientious shopping. It was short so I photographed it; perhaps I'll post it in a separate entry.
18. Votive candle holder
19. Cast iron skillet, small
20-21. Cassettes
22. Small, outside butterfly inspired table

3 bowls have been marked to leave the house but I have not yet decided rather or not I am going to hold on to them. I know I want to use one at work; I think the other two will be set free but stay tuned.

My wife parted with a a votive candle holder, 3 piece luggage set, and 3 piece rug set.

We are continuing to shed. The house looks worse now that we're done with our 5 hour session. It can be so frustrating how things look worse before they get better. We were supposed to join forces in tackling the living room so we can have a sleep over with nieces and nephews in a few weeks. There was some miscommunication concerning that but the main goals of that area were accomplished. I would feel fine with you coming over and sitting down in there. In fact, it makes me want to answer the other door so that is the space people walk into instead of the kitchen. The kitchen has parts that are more organized but there is also a bumfunk of stuff off center in the floor. My wife really wants to clear the kitchen floor. I remember when we did that before. I wonder how long it will last this time :/. It's the crux of the house and so many things land there as we move things from one side to another, clearing out one room or another. The den was the third room of focus and doesn't have much to rejoice over. I did empty out a box that was turned into a goodwill box, which is good for clearing things out. But, I have a ton of stuff on the coffee table from me pulling out and unwrapping trinkets but then being pulled to a different room before a home or even organized holding session for those items was created. So, it looks like a tornado threw up in here just a bit. Progress, not perfection. Bit by bit, almost room by room, we continue to push forward. Organize and rehome. RID.

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