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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

RID 22

My current situation is a house with a combination of my excessive number of items, my recently marrried's belongings, and my deceased father's excessive number of items. I'm not sure what's left that belonged to my dad. He died nearly 2 years ago. You'd think his stuff was gone or being actively used but we continue to run across his belongings. This year's RID focus is in part a desire to move on his old items before year's end. I think part of the problem is his belongings kind of getting hidden amongst the other things. In organizing, I am up to the boxes marked "pictures." A lot of memories.

Anyhow, today's items moving on:

15,16,&17- portable CD cases, you know, the old school books. A niece has agreed to give them a home. I loved my music collection back in the day. I miss the doting, actually. It had more meaning.

18. Photos that never should have been kept. I made a pile, trashed them.

19. Bags, inserts, other paper trash. I made another pile and threw them away. It counts because I'm getting rid of stuff that was previously taking up some of my living space.

20. A cordless telephone. Needs a battery but otherwise lovely.

21. A manual lawnmower

22. Book, My Utmost for His Highest

Besides that, I found some items to return to my mom and continued to sort photographs into keep, scan, and put it giveaway box. And, I can see the shift in space.

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