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Sunday, May 6, 2012

church in the desert

For years, I have struggled to find a spiritual body where I can grow and not feel condemnation from a mile away. The last place where I fully connected was Rock Bridge Christian Church in MO. In Mphs, I had a stint at Galloway UMC and then Prescott Baptist but neither place was quite where I needed to stay. I went back home (to Mphs) with hopes of First Congregational being the spot, but it just didn't "feel like home". Today, again, I have hope. Phoenix Christian Church in Wildersville, TN. It's 30 excruciating minutes from my house (I like things to be 15 minutes or less) but what other open and affirming church is there in West TN? I'm surprised to find this one-- and in Wildersville of all places! Population of 3600 according to city-data (2007). And, without asking any questions, I can tell that at least 1/2 of the adults there are lgbt. I suspect that it might be more like 90%. Taking this in and having a minister from Holy Trinity UCC in Memphis bringing the message today, I thought back to how I visited Holy Trinity but knew I didn't want to join because I didn't want to be at a "gay" church I still don't want to be a member of a gay church. Like with The Stone, I'd love to help Phoenix grow to be a church diverse  in age, race, sexual orientation, and gender (not that I ever did that with the Stone). But unlike when I was in Memphis, I have an even more radical call to be gay and Christian and involved and help others find that place. If the base work for that is a predominately gay church, so be it. Spread the news. Calling Lexington and Surrounding Areas-- our church is here. Our meeting spot is here. We can assemble, pray, plan, pray, and charge! I won't promise that I'll stay at this church forever and ever but boy george, do I plan to go back! I feel happy. And loved.

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  1. Rock Bridge was such a wonderful place. I always thought -"This is what a church is supposed to be." I'm so glad you've found another good church that is open and loving!