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Sunday, October 19, 2014

church listing

I'm not quite sure what I did with my kindle in the move... of course, I also can't say I've looked. Anyhow, this situation has inspired me to post info on churches to visit here so that I can access it from any online device. I realize that one issue I have with going to church on Sundays-- in addition to plain lack of motivation-- is lack of a plan. If I had a church home, it would be understood that I would wake up and go there. For me, it's more like tackle that question on Saturday and then wonder details like what time they start. I *think* I started collecting start times in my kindle but until we are reconnected, here I go again:

1. Gay Pentecostal Church meets in the afternoon. Will have to acquire details again.
2. Open Heart Spiritual Center. Now meeting at: Leadership Memphis Gallery, 363 S. Main- Memphis, TN 38103. Meditation at 9:30am, Celebration Service 10am.
3. Old Salem Baptist Church, 368 Buntyn Street, 323-9041, Rev. Jack Carpenter on Bunton near Orange Mound, near Central Ave
4. Mt. Moriah Baptist Church, 2634 Carnes Ave, (901) 324-6771
5. One Faith Christian Center (default), 5141 Easley, 11am
6. New Direction Christian Church (default): 10:30am, 6120 Winchester Rd
7. Holy Trinity UCC, 685 S. Highland Street, 11am
8. First Congregational UCC, 10:30am, 1000 S. Cooper
9. Shady Grove Presbyterian
10. Jacob's Well
11. Hope Presbyterian 8, 930, 1115, 530 sun. On sat 530.
12. Life Church cordova sun 830 10am 11:30am sun 6pm Sat. Highland: 10am and 11:30am. 
13. My dad's old church- have to find my notes of where that is. 
14. Freedom's Chapel Christian Church, 961 Getwell Rd, 901-244-7661
15. MS Blvd Christian Church
16. Gifts of Life Ministries, 8am, 3381 Raleigh-Millington Road
17. Binghampton UMC (formally Everett UMC)
18. Lindenwood Christian Church
19. Cathedral of Praise, 561 S. Prescott, , 12:30pm.
20. Unity Church of Christianity, 3345 McCorkle Road, 11am
21. First Presbyterian Church, 166 Poplar Avenue, 11am
22. Living Word Chrisian Church, 1015 S. Cooper Street, 10am
23. Christ City Church
24. Unity Church of Practical Christianity, 9228 Walnut Grove, 10:30am
25. Salem Gilfield Baptist Church, 3176 Kimball Avenue, 11am. Because Pastor (?) Stanford Hunt invited me at an event for the homeless and I was glad to see him there. 

Also, it's occurred to me that I can have some default churches to attend when no other plan is in place. Lady B would love for me to join her at her church. My current commitment is First Sundays but yes, it can help me reach my 2-3 visits per month quota. New Direction Christian Church is a place that I'm fond of in many ways and used to listen to faithfully online. In fact, I think I'll listen to them this morning. And One Faith Christian Center is pastored by a relative and has quite an enjoyable and inspiring service. Look at that-- my default churches can fill my 3 visits per month by themselves. 

Wow. That list is bit, or lot, longer than I anticipated. I guess I have some places to go!

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