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Saturday, December 17, 2011

life summary

It has been a while since I've been here to write. Praises to the Tilley for installing my new keyboard. Now, typing isn't such a pain.

So, how to sum up life? I'll start with Fitness & Health 'cause I received an e-mail inquiring about that and I don't think i ever answered.

Fitness/Health: They suck. I exercised for that week, then stopped. I got into Christmas shopping instead. That had a brilliant start. I'm excited about the gifts I'm giving this year. They are "bigger" as in more expensive than usual. One of my giving highs is buying little Christian some Yamaha electric drums. If you have not already, go to his facebook entertainment page and like him: Fatigue increases and wanes; all-in-all no better than I was when I started exercising.

I joined the YMCA 'cause they were waving their membership fee and offer water zumba, self-defense, and yoga. I have yet to actually use that new membership, however. I'm on week 1 of membership I believe.

I half-way tested nightshade plants as an allergen. Those things are messed up! They make me burn. One night, I woke up thinking I was on fire. I checked my bed thinking my electric blanket had sparked it and took off my shirt thinking it was on fire. The results aren't that bad unless I eat a bunch but wow. A co-worker nicely told me she thinks they negatively effect my personality as well. lol. I'm finding they are a hard thing to avoid. I eat sour cream b/c I like it. Nightshades, particularly tomato based items, just seem 'bout impossible to avoid. And ketchup!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my. It was just today that I realized I need to stop using it so liberally. *weep, weep, weep* What do you like with your french fries? Umm. I guess I'm not supposed to eat those either. *pout*