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Monday, October 17, 2011

Tonight, I went to my first ever TEP meeting. I have mixed reactions to it. They seem busy and energetic, but a space for me was not obvious from the interactions I had. I recently read that they are forming a faith outreach committee. "Formed" and closed is a better description. Last month, Tilley told them she had a friend she thinks would be interested in helping with it. They were focused on trying to convince a certain someone else to do it. A day or two ago, on facebook, I said I couldn't make the meeting due to a scheduling conflict but would like for someone to contact me about the faith outreach committee. No response yet, but I just posted it, right? Tonight, I was there and voiced my interest. Nothing. There are 2 ppl working on that and they will continue to do so. Well okay then. I'll watch them a little more before I make a conclusion on our relationship. They probably will be a group to make progress but that doesn't mean I don't need to show up to their events just to be another warm body without a real voice. Many people and groups will allow me to stand with them and say what they think should be said. I prefer to spend my time doing more.

The faith outreach update did allow a 30 second blurb about churches. St. Luke's Episcopal was recommended. I'm not sure that I can be Episcopal but they were already on my list of places to check out. One of the guys who got their ass kicked by the church folk said Truth and Love was a good spot-- non-affirming maybe, but non-condemning. I politely raised my hand and disagreed when he said they don't preach against homosexuality. I guess he missed my memo.

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