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Sunday, October 9, 2011


I just woke up from a nap, sleep to supplement my disturbed sleep from last night and help keep me going. I fell asleep to For the Bible Tells Me So and incorporated the death threats for Bishop Gene Robinson into my dreams. Having one's being threatened does not make for relaxing sleep. I tried to get out of the dream but it resulted in me being terrorized by a cop and abused with helicopter wings (we knows dreams don't make much sense, right). Nedra Johnson was there and brought some intellectual comfort but there was a division between us. She was there as a a celebrity giving music lessons of various kinds. She was a stranger to me, someone I planned to visit for a guitar lesson before she left (she was to be in the area for 2 weeks for the lessons). She was in no way involved in the threats I received but served more like a reminder that I'm not alone. I was so glad when my alarm went off 'cause it finally brought me out of the dream. Sad thing is what I really remember hearing about Jackson before moving here is about all of the people assaulted for their sexual orientation. We don't really have places for communion like we do in Memphis. I think there used to be a bar but it was issue-filled.

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