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Saturday, June 11, 2011

if the diet resumes...

Let's say I'm tired of the pain and ready to stop eating again. Maybe I won't eliminate ALL of the foods I eliminated the first time around. Perhaps I can eat something besides what I prepare myself. The webmd suggested categories to remove are (1) aspartame, (2)nitrates, MSG, and other additives, (3) sugar, fructose, and simple carbs, (4) caffeine, (5) yeast and gluten, (6) dairy, and (7) nightshade plants (tomatoes, potatoes, egg plant, & peppers). Fibro sisters & other folks with chronic pain, which of these things have you noticed contributing to your pain? What do you recommend that I ditch? Let's say that I remove 3-4 of these categories-- the winners would be ______? Yeast & gluten are a definite as I remember them spiking the pain when I was doing the experimental and control groups last year. What else? Feedback appreciated.


  1. Amy! I want to do some of this too. I'm praying to find a good Nutritionist here in California who can help me with a few snack and meal-plan helps since I'm not into cooking much (pain, tiredness, & being a picky eater as main causes!)...... dairy and nightshade (I love marinara sauce!) hardest for me to go off since I love them soo much!! Oh, and yeast & gluten! I still havent' noticed a big difference in those foods, but definitely do with SUGAR!!!!! But I think I must give this diet another go-around too....

  2. yeah, I kind of think sugar is a trigger but such a sweet one! It'll probably get semi-axed. I do remember that I could "cheat" once a week w/out pain once I got it all out of my system. Behaving for that first month is the toughest part.

  3. Hey lady!! I would say aspartame, and definitely caffeine and sugar! The first two I don't miss, but I've only been able to go a couple weeks w/o the sugar though, and then I can't get enough. Just found out about 'sugar sensitivity' and WOW, I definitely am, so I'm learning that cold turkey will just not work for me. The old brain needs it right now. I've started a program that's supposed to support me and heal this sensitive chemistry, so that eventually, the cravings will subside and I'll be able to drop the sugar safely...I actually had to add the sugar back in...we shall see. I do feel better already tho.
    Amy S

  4. I've taken away just caffeine before and didn't notice When it takes me 60min+ to wake up in the morning, removing caffeine does help. Weird, right? I blame it on the build up and keep my little vice :).