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Sunday, June 19, 2011

diet change- week 1

I'll give myself a liberal D on week 1 of my diet change. I did many things wrong:
- made spaghetti- justified by me not remembering my spaghetti was "good" because it was whole wheat, not gluten free- the current focus/goal
- The meatballs I had were not gluten free. Double whammy on the spaghetti.
- I put cheese in my omelet yesterday with the justification that I only had 1 slice left and needed to use it because it wasn't enough to freeze and would go bad if I let it sit. Wouldn't want to waste food, would it?
- I ate a cheeseburger. I was out. I was hungry. I REALLY didn't want Taco Bell. I did remove one bun so as to have a little less "bad" added to my system.
- I ate breaded hot wings. Again, I was trying to do something other than Taco Bell. I forgot that Krystal's breads their wings, whereas wing places do not.
- Cream of mushroom soup on pork chops-- I haven't checked but figured it probably contains dairy in an after thought.
-I ate an ice cream bar. I wanted ice cream; I wanted it out of my freezer. I tried the tofutti sandwich in my freezer but oops! They were REALLY old.

So there ya go, a combination of errors with a little forethought and errors realized at or after the bite. Physically, I feel no less pain though energy has lasted past 8pm this week. I wonder if the liquid vitamin B I had influenced that.

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