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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

an adventure in public nudity

Today, I forgot to put on clothes before I went outside. More specifically, I walked out in a 2-piece swim suit + a towel. Yesterday, I put on jogging pants and a t-shirt on top of my swimsuit before I left. Today, it didn't occur to do that until I was outside, on the way to the garage. "Naked," I thought in my head. My shoulder twitched back to go in and put on some clothes but my head said, "neh. I'll go like this. My long-term goal is to walk around naked outside after all." lol Pulling out of the driveway, I had a (negative) fat girl thought. Then I though of Ragen who I now absolutely adore. I decided to let my fine in own skin 90% of the time self handle the situation as I drove to the Y in just a swim suit. It was cute. It was much like what skinny girls wear much of the time anyway-- a short skirt with a way too high split and a sleeveless v-neck top that tied around my neck. The extent to which this get up felt like an outfit probably contributed to me forgetting to put on clothes in the first place. On I drove. I glanced in the parking lot when I got to the Y: no one else in just a swimsuit walking around. On the way in, I saw a girl enrolled in the same class as I leaving- in clothes. I went inside- no strange looks. I put down my towel and began my slow crawl into the pool. I survived the trip there. Nude. In a swim suit.

Class was good. We practiced free style swimming and learned a little more about breathing in the water. I learned to float on my back and helped a girl (age 7?) learn to do that after class was over. I was the first to jump in the 10 feet area today. Another nude-like moment-- I confessed to my hot teacher that it hurt my boob whenever I jumped in. He told me to jump feet-first instead of chest-first. Brilliant! Yesterday, my boob popped out when I got out of the pool. Today, my top went up. Partial nudity. Funny how I feel dressed in the water in the same outfit in which I feel nude out of the water. Perhaps it's because completely nude is what's most appropriate in water? Moving away from that thought....

Leaving the pool seemed even more inappropriate than my arrival. I was soaking wet. Everything fits different when you're wet. In retrospect, I don't know how that may have been bad; I can only say I felt it. I wrung water out of my top and skirt multiple times on the way to my car and used my towel to cushion my seat in the car. Even if I had pants on hand, I would have been wet and done that. I used the towel like a shawl both on my way in and out of the gym, as if my top area is what was most inappropriate about my dress. I'm not sure that any of it was inappropriate actually. Pulling into my drive way after class, all felt right with the world.

In the end, nothing was lost but a little more freedom may have been gained. Perhaps I'll remember to get "dressed" before leaving next time but if not, eh, naked women exist. :)


  1. Naked Women Exist!

    Yes, we do. And we delight in being sunclad or dancing in moonshine.

    Here's to loving the skin we're in!

  2. Happy to see you're making progress on your goals there! Accidental or not, embrace that nakedness!