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Monday, May 9, 2011

counting down from 50

One of my friends accepted a challenge to get rid of 50 things a day. There's no way that I can do that, but the boldness of her challenge nonetheless inspired me. I'm downing it a whole lot and working to get rid of 50 items per month or 400 items for the year. Tonight, I start.

Right now, I see that I own 12 + 9+11+ 18+ 17= 67 t-shirts (if you only count the ones that are clean right now and that I consider to be my daytime t-shirts). First round, I put 10 t-shirts and another shirt in a bag for give away (n=11). Two shirts were thrown away (n=13). Twenty t-shirts were pulled and stored in the special spot designated for contributors to my t-shirt quilt. T-shirt quilt here I come! (I've wanted one since before I knew they really existed, since I was in elementary school. I bought the container shortly before I moved to Jackson. It hangs in my closet.) Anywho, that's 20 out of circulation but not -20 on items owned. Eventually, it'll be -19 but that'll be a while from now. That leaves 35 in circulation-- not bad. My initial thought was maybe I will go through my t-shirts, see how many I have and reduce the collection to 30. Why would I need more than a t-shirt a day for a month when I don't even get to wear a t-shirt most days of the week? Yes, I know that most of you call that "excess", "greed", "hoarding". I call it progress. Thirty-two less t-shirts for me to consider wearing. Yeah. Think like that. Wow. Plus, my drawers open and close easier than before. Yes!

Still, it comes back to 13 items gone, 37 to go. damn! This might prove to be more of a challenge than I anticipated. But, it's not my first time arriving at such a place:

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