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Sunday, April 24, 2011

inviting some in, casting others out

Okay. The honest truth is that I started this blog last weekend and never finished it. Better to post it, some ideas, than nothing at all?

Today, I noticed that I have not posted a blog about my life in a while and in that feel like it is time. Except I don't know what to write. Preparing for my May 7th game day consumes my mind but doesn't make for an optimistic blog post. My facebook event has looked much the way it does since I first posted it a few weeks ago. My core family will come, the ones that come to everything, and in that is such a blessing. Nevermind that half of the friends? that I invited will not come. Nevermind that not all family that will attend have RSVPed. That would be nice but does not change the truth of their attendance. Nevermind that people not RSVPing (attendance? dish they are bringing to the pot luck) makes it extremely difficult for me to plan what I need to buy and prepare for their arrival. There ARE positives. I should just anchor my mind on them. For example, 3 FRIENDS + my lover plan to come. I question having friends cause time and time again those that I thought were my friends never came out when invited by me nor did they make it a habit to invite me out. Ever give someone a hint that you aren't really that into them? As previously noted, my family is my rock. I am so blessed to be related to such supportive and fun people. I'm also blessed that I have FRIENDS that plan to attend my shin dig. Another plus is that some people HAVE told me to expect them and what they are bringing. And really, even though it annoys me that people ask me what to bring instead of just selecting something on their own or by reading the facebook wall to pick something, it is nice that they care what I view as needed. I will proceed this week with that attitude. If they ask me what to bring, I will check the list and give them the next thing. The menu will be done. Unpacking and cleaning are probably the less than easy parts.

Tammy came this weekend but we got little unpacking done. We shopped for Administrative Assistant (5) gifts, graduation presents (2), Trevor (my fish) happiness (1), and other needed things. And we worked our arm muscles outside. We searched the car for the rodent, went to a car wash for a detailed cleaning of the car (she said it would be attracted to its scent), and cleaned out the garage and placed d-con and mouse trap glue through it and my car. I knocked down probably 30 dirt dobbler nests inside my garage and Tammy swept everything out. Tiring. Thank God for Smirnoff to help us get through the process :).

And now for the updates (actually written on May 1):
1. I am content with my party RSVPs. I still don't know who all is coming or what they are bringing, but I do know that everything but meatballs and dessert #2 (and pot roast) were claimed.
2. I have seen no signs of the rodent since Tammy spotted him last weekend. I don't know if SEEING us spooked him or if he finally took a hint. Either way, I'm glad he's staying away, though I still am not breathing a sigh of relief.
3. Tammy is with me again. She's taking her vacation in Jackson. awww.


  1. (1) "Casting others out." Is that as in casting out demons? (I hear you cast a couple of demons out on Facebook after they bailed on your housewarming!)

    (2) If I keep reading this, I'm gonna feel so guilty that I end up making the trip to Jackson from Nashville alone!

    (3) I have reason to believe that a certain "Anonymous Coward" who just posted a reply to your post about Tammy cleaning your bathroom CONSIDERED adding:

    "And then she'll conspire to go to your (i.e., Amy's)housewarming without you, but then bail on the housewarming after the friend with whom she was conspiring to cut you out discovered a conflict, leaving poor Amy -- who never hurt anyone -- high and dry."

    But he (or she?) decided what he'd already said was more than enough!

  2. I didn't cast out anyone on facebook. I simply removed them from invites because they changed their RSVP verbally but not on facebook, which was making it difficult for me to make an accurate count.

    Don't drive down here out of guilt. You were invited. That means you're still on my good list ;).