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Sunday, April 24, 2011

kudos to Tammy

Right now, my girlfriend is cleaning my bathroom and I didn't even ask her to do so. She is awesome. Yesterday, she searched my car for the evil rodent that keeps getting inside of it and swept out my entire garage in case it's hiding in there somewhere. Here's my public praise to the Tam Tam.

1 comment:

  1. I clicked "Cool" anyway, but watch out!

    In MY experience -- which you should rely on about as far as you can throw me -- if a girlfriend up and cleans your bathroom for you without your asking her to, it's just a matter of months before she falls for some bullshit that a "friend" from church goes and tells her behind your back -- without ever talking to you first -- and she believes it! Also without talking to you. And then not only breaks up with you without ever bothering to tell you, but even joins in the campaign of slander against you!

    But I am sure my experience is unrepresentative, and Tammy will be different! So don't let MY cynicism and bittterness harsh your buzz, or harsh your mellow, or whatever!

    Since your blog gives an "Anonymous Coward" option, I think it is fitting that I use it, in honor of all the "friends" from church who felt compelled to spread gossip about me without ever talking to me first. But I'm pretty damn sure you know who this is.

    (Besides, isn't there something in the Bible about how "By their bitterness and the sourness of their grapes you shall know them"?)