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Thursday, January 13, 2011

the break up ends

We're not friends anymore. She hurt me as my girlfriend; she hurt me as my friend. There was too much anger and aggression. There were probably too many emotions. It was too soon for us, or perhaps it can never be. Maybe I can say hello in 6 months and everything will be okay; perhaps we'll see. What I know is that as I was crying out loud at 3am because of a conversation with a friend, knowing that I had to get up in a few hours for work, I realized she isn't worth all of this. I realized that I am worth more than repeatedly being there. I texted, "let's not be friends. We do that about as well as being gfriends." So here I am sad at 8:30am, eyes swollen, getting ready for work. I sometimes take shyt I shouldn't, but my hope is that I'm growing stronger, smarter, and more loving of self through these experiences. Cutting off someone that I love so deeply is me demonstrating that strength, sense, and love. Blessed be.

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