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Friday, April 11, 2014

health tip

I read this on something my insurance company mailed me. I like it. I'm recording it. Simple. I should be putting it on sparkpeople but I don't even know where to find my blog on that page. I'm thinking of signing up on a different fitness site, starting over. Have any suggestions for someone more interested in improving their health and building strength and endurance than weight loss? Anyhow, the tip:

List the eating and exercise habits you'd like to change, and select one to work on. Don't try to change a second bad habit until the first one has become a good habit.



  1. Day 1 - run to the mail box. Go back inside.
    Day 2 - run to the corner. Go back home.
    Day 3 - run to the corner, then run home.
    Day 4 - run past the corner...

    Just do something every day - a push up, squat, lunge, walk, run, deep breathing, skip, hop, jump - anything you haven't done previously. Mix it up.

    FYI - biceps, deltoids, and triceps are the easiest to train and shape, showing the fastest results. Curl, dip, and lift - anything - cans, milk bottles, body weight.

    Enjoy and be happy.

  2. I've been away. Every month I decide I am going to do something - more days than not.

    For July, I really did eat something raw most days, even just a few crunches of cilantro. I also laid on my machine more often.

    What helps me most is that when I am in horrible pain, there are movements that strengthen my body so I can meet the day.

    Hugs and love!!!