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Sunday, April 7, 2013

a deep breath

Friday, I got a wonderful text: “oh, post…” 

I’ve been too busy to take a good, deep breath by my own calculations. God sees different, however, and provides small notes as such. A client saying, “You can take the time if you really want…,” a co-worker ringing similar words. My body & spirit finally caught up. Tuesday, I took the day off. It was glorious to be off in the middle of the week and for it to be just because. Friday, I was out of the office due to attending a one day conference in Oxford, MS. One day in, one day out, two days in, three days out seems to be a wonderful schedule. Tuesday, I accomplished very little on my to do list but I did get a nap. Fabulous.
I’m tired. In part, that’s due to being on the highway every single weekend. March 2 was something in Memphis.  March 9th  Hair appointment weekend. That was for Tomika. March 16  Elton John concert with dad (& Tomika).  March 23 Elementary School Gathering.  March 30th Easter. April 5 Conference in MS. My schedule goes on & on. Soon, I will be in Branson celebrating my sister’s birthday. I need rest. I love life but life should include rest.

Photoshop class takes up a significant amount of my time. Wednesday evenings, 6-8pm + homework. Towards the beginning, the weekend was designated as homework time. Soon after, the weekend became road time creating a strain on everything else in life that requires time. Also, the tasks are becoming more involved so 2 hours isn't sufficient for assignment completion. Working this process, it has occurred to me that I’m in a world of photography but don’t take photographs. I only half-way know where my camera is. A photography class late last year made me realize I don’t know half of what my camera does. Goal: download & read the manual. Being around photographers this year further instills the notion that I have a ways to go. I feel like I know even less about my camera. I have so much organizing to do. Photoshop is a bitch; touching up photos I had in mind for commercial use might not be quite practical. My teacher says photoshop is designed to enhance a good photo not fix a bad one. From what I currently know, removing two rows of fans at a concert is going to be a pain in the ass. I’m 6 weeks into the class; I have 6 weeks left. We’ll see. One goal is to create the husband-husband & wife-wife greeting cards I envision. We’re starting to work with tools that might help me bring that to fruition but I have a ways of practice before I nail it. An unforeseen major challenge for me has been seeing. Making a good picture great involves minor color tweeks. This richness of green or that level of green? Ergh. Learning to make the tweeks is a secondary challenge that comes after seeing. 

My house is still unpacked. Currently, that makes me miserable on the inside. I can clean or I can unpack. I haven’t figured out how to effectively do both. I’m choosing to hire out a small bit for the cleaning; removing even a smaller "to do" once per month will help. The yard is a separate booger all together. 

Who’s planting?! What are you growing this year? I need to start my cilantro plant but haven’t felt sold on any other herbal. I did good with basil last year. That pride is enough for me as I don’t cook with it much. I’ve suggested tomatoes (topsy turvey?) & potatoes in a garbage can to Tomika. Can’t say I’ve gotten buy in on either :). Both are on the list of things I should consume less. Speaking of, I continue to seek a life with limited amounts of gluten, nightshade plants, & dairy. My latest specific goal is to have dinners free of those elements in house. When dining out, okay. When dining in, may I use the control I have access to.
Sunday, I agreed to the refocus of better health. This week, I begin by adding chia seeds to my life. I have no hard evidence that chia seeds will make any significant difference in my life but I move forward in faith. This renewal came because I realized I felt like shit. I don’t enjoy that state of being. Other changes have surely begun to come forward because as I held the thought of making changes to change how I feel, visions of things to change came forward: fruit daily, Naked/Boathouse twice weekly, chai, cardiovascular work, yoga!.... 



  1. Hugs and love and chia seeds!

    Thanks for posting. I liked the topsy-turvy for peppers. With added organic material, it held water longer. Otherwise, it needed to be watered daily.

    Regarding your home: take a piece of paper and compete the sentence/list - If I had 15 minutes, I would... When you find 15 open minutes, you will already have a list of things to do. (

    May fortune accompany all your endeavors.


  2. Thanks, ma'am! My list has begun. Organic material like?