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Thursday, November 15, 2012

a nation divided

Today, I lost a friend. Really, I've probably been losing him bit by bit during this past election season. I knew early on that he was a Mitt Romney supporter but we're all entitled to make our own bad decisions. On Monday, he posted this image:

with the caption "We're going to rise again".

I tried to not jump to conclusions... maybe this is one of his "confederate flags aren't about hate" and "Rednecks aren't racist" things. No justification from him. He said I can unfriend him if so desired.

Goodbye Chad. You are one of the few friends I made in Jackson. You had no social tact but seemed to be you in innocence. Perhaps out of that ignorant fear that people sometimes operate out of, you have taken the "white people gather together because this black person (black people/group of others) are trying to take over. We MUST unite and fight". It's a lie and I hope you one day see that clearly.

Funny thing is, I almost asked him to co-lead the Small Town Progressives group I created. I guess the Universe had me hold off a bit for a reason; perhaps this?

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  1. I hate that many who appose our President are taking into that direction. Once upon a time we could disagree amicably. I wish those times were still around. The mindset that what doesn't benefit me immediately should not stand will hurt everyone, but most it hurts our friends when we don't consider their needs.

    Those on the right making this about race wars and pride are a whole other pill, too bitter to swallow.

    I keep hoping that our better angels will prevail.