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Thursday, November 1, 2012

1 week moving

Day 1: Friday, October 26th. Tomika and I moved. My nephew, cousin, and two of my cousin's co-workers came up to be our muscle. Something like 5 hours to load a truck, go to storage and unload some things and load others, and then to arrive to the new house and unload. Fatigue was seen, things were stacked wherever instead of the most appropriate room for their content. Part of the issue with the move that wasn't fully anticipated is that new house is like 30-40% smaller than old house. Boxes sat places comfortably at old house. Boxes made it difficult to walk in new house.

Day 2: Saturday, October 27th: We unpacked for about 4 hours that morning then drove to old house to shower and get ready for my aunt's suprise birthday party. I should have went with my first mind and left the liquor and mixers at old house for easy access. I went with second mind and traveled to Memphis with self and girlfriend. Bev's party was AWESOME. It was Tomika's first time seeing my family in their element. It was good. Bev was so surprised; she cried. I'm glad I went down instead of listening people that told me to stay in Jackson and unpack.

Day 3, Sunday, October 28th: Our big cleaning day for old house. 5 hours but didn't finish. Seems crazy that it took that long. Tomika spend that entire time in the kitchen. I knocked out 3 bedrooms and a bathroom.

Day 4, Monday, October 29th: Relief. Our hope was to get a massage after we were done with moving our items into the new house and cleaning the old house. We wanted Halloween; we knew we would be done by then. Monday was the only option for the massage therapist we wanted. Relief. Somehow, my 5-6pm massage ended at 7pm. I can't really complain about that :). Good company. Tomika and I followed that by shopping for a microwave stand and learning that stores don't really keep them in stock.

Day 5, Tuesday, October 30th: Finished cleaning old house. Thank God. New house looks:

We have a love seat to sit on at least. Wasn't so on day 1. Also, the steps got better; we can go up them.

Day 6, Wednesday, October 31st: Finally done with old house. Went over to pull out a dresser I wasn't going to keep. We left the keys and garage openers. Last look around. Goodbye, my love.

Day 7, Today: Now we can focus on unpacking new house. We can find a home for our many, useful items. Organization can begin.
  The shape of the living room has shifted many times. Things are unpacked and stored. New things are brought in. Things are unpacked and spaces begin to form. Things are pushed together to allow a passage way for something else... like a microwave.

I was able to get upstairs to clean out that space. 
Mostly, it needed to be swept and mopped. Not
too bad, unless you count the dirty, dirty water.


Our bedroom windows suck. Window sealant, garbage bag, and a blanket to help us stay warm.


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