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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

dishwasher scratches

More and more, I pull out chipped or scratched dishes out of my dishwasher. Tonight, I searched for ideas on how to stop this madness!


  1. Tips for Avoiding Scratches

    • 1
      Scrape food off of plates with a plastic spatula instead of a metal one or metal utensils.
    • 2
      See if the protective coating on silverware has come off. If so, the silverware must be replaced to reduce scratches.
    • 3
      Place dinner plates in the dishwasher away from the silverware rack. During the washing cycle, the silverware may be rubbing against the dinnerware and creating scratches.
    • 4
      Put a napkin or rubber lining in between plates when you stack them. It might be a good idea to have two sets: one for the cabinet when they're clean, and one for stacking them dirty by the kitchen sink awaiting wash.

    Removing the Scratches

    • 5
      Make a thick paste with the baking soda and water.
    • 6
      Using the soft cloth, rub the paste in a circular motion on the scratches.
    • 7
      Wash with warm water, and repeat as needed.

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So what shall I do?
1. Ease up on the sani-rinse cycle
2. Use a rinse agent
3. Switch back to an eco-dish detergent?
4. Get new silverware
5. Put more space bw plates if needed
 6. Make sure I've knocked off all of the food I can before depositing the dishes into the dishwasher
7. Make sure not to use extra dish detergent

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